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our skills

At Envy, we create meaningful and lasting experiences that heighten your brand and increase consumer participation.

Proprietary Event

Asking the right questions leads to delivering on target results. Your audience should be engaged and informed with a take-away that guarantees they’ll come back for more.

Industry Event

We listen to understand. We find balance between functionality and aesthetics so experiences can emerge.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers work to bring your brand to life in an emotionally engaging experience to fully tell your story.

Motion Design

We combine both visual and auditory components to create a strong and solid connection between you and your target audience.

Visualization & Renderings

Our photo realistic, 3-D renderings serve as a visual preview of your activation and convey a true representation of your environment, the experience, and the messaging.

Film & Video

Storytelling is important. It plants a seed to not only create a memory, as a stamp of your brand, it allows sharing to occur across multiple channels. Let our team of expert videographers capture, create, and share an experience to re-live it again and again.

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