The goal

Break Omen into the gaming sector by creating a brand presence that challenges the norm, introduces the spirit of fun, the unexpected and being challenged, in a unique, unexpected way.

The Big Idea

Create a unique experience that becomes the ‘must do’ experience of the year for the gaming community. Have gamers compete using Omen products head-to-head to win their chance to be tested by the Omen Challenge. Create the Omen Challenge using a gyroscope produced together with the same team who produce the gyroscopes for NASA astronauts, and tests your ability to game in unexpected and challenging conditions.

The Results

The experience generated huge coverage and landed Omen well and truly in the gaming community’s hearts and minds as a serious player in the gaming space. The understanding for the audience and ability to deliver such big impact, anticipation and desire to engage, created a global impact that laid the path to building a community, brand presence, and retail success.

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